Professional Periodontics and Dental Implant Services

Let our team at John T. Shen, D.D.S. Periodontics and Implant Surgery in Cupertino, CA provide you with high-quality dental care. Choose from a variety of our offered services.

Services We Provide


Oral Hygiene

Bacteria living in the plaque on your teeth causes gum disease. If those plaques are not removed on time, it will harden and become tartar. This can cause more bacteria to be trapped and cause further damage.

Our focus is to help you reduce the bacterial load in your plaque to prevent and treat periodontal disease. We believe that oral hygiene has more to do with your gum health. Let us help you improve your oral hygiene at home with specialized tools and techniques that will help keep that plaque off for good.

Dental Cleaning / Deep Cleaning

We will help you maintain your gum health by examining your oral hygiene skills and cleaning off any plaque that you could not get at home. If you have signs of tartar build-up either above the gums or above deep below the gums, a deep cleaning procedure will help you get your gums back to a clean slate for you to maintain at home.

Periodontal Surgery

For those with more severe gum disease, a deep cleaning simply does not sufficiently remove all deposits on your teeth. Periodontal surgery is an effective way to get to the root of the problem. In this procedure, we push away your gums from the teeth to visualize the deposits and remove them for good.

Dental Implants

Sometimes despite our best efforts, some teeth succumb to either cavities or gum disease. For teeth that are lost, dental implants are one of the ideal ways to replace those teeth and restore your chewing functions. A dental implant is a screw in the bone, underneath the gums, which will hold an artificial tooth. Ask whether dental implants are right for you!

Bone Grafting

When an implant needs to replace a missing tooth but there is not enough bone, we use bone grafts to grow back some bone to stabilize the implant.

Soft Tissue Grafting

We use soft tissue grafting procedures to cover up recessed gum tissue to treat sensitivity or simply create a better smile!

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